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Essential Business

We are classified as an “Essential Business” under Landscaping so will continue work.

No Touch Jobs

  • We ask that you open gates and move and obstacles so we don’t need to touch anything.

  • While on-site for estimates or jobs, we recommend customers stay inside and communicate via cell phone.

  • If necessary for the customer to come out, we maintain 10’ physical distance from customers.


  • Estimates and Invoices will be sent via email

  • Payments via credit card

  • We are suspending handing out cards, distributing door hangers, and extras like magnets and flower seeds

Keep washing those hands, physical distancing, and following the Stay at Home orders!

Every day brings us closer to the other side of this!





Tree Trimming and Removal

Shrub Trimming and Removal

Stum Grinding

Ash Borer Treatment


Tree trimming removes dead, broken, and conflicting branches.

This allows the tree to direct its resources toward healthy growth and repair.

Shaping insures an even structure that is pleasing to the eye and helps to prevent unwanted breakage.


Tree removal can be dangerous regardless of the size of the tree.

Let us do the job safely and protect your property from damage.


Shrubs add aesthetic value to your property.
We have the tools and discerning eye to shape and nurture them.


Once your tree is removed, remove the remaining stump from view.

Surface grade if covering with landscaping material or sod.

Deep Grind is good if replanting nerby.

Always have underground lines marked by calling 811 or go to colorado811.org


Ever wonder why mature trees get out of control for the environment we place them in?  
Trees are like people, they are all different, even if they are the same species.
Two of the same species of tree growing right next to each other can behave very differently.  
Young trees are like anything that grows from childhood... they need guidance!  Let us help your trees grow to be strong, to be healthy, and to  be safe for your house and property!




I love to bring out the beauty of trees.  It is a great feeling, knowing that pruning and shaping a tree not only improves its aesthetic qualities, but allows it to be healthier and less likely to break in our varied climate.

Trees and shrubs are like people, they're all different. So contact me to discuss your tree care needs and get a quote. You'll get a fast response and affordable pricing.

I look forward to working with you!



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"Thanks for being dependable and worth it! Excellent service!"


"Did a great job working on the tree in my backyard! Professional and informative through the whole process!"


"Our ancient oak has never been happier or healthier! Great service, hard working."


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